Scudo Scudo


The Giro d’Italia celebrates not only Italy’s huge importance to road cycling but it also represents the link that ties the ancient, proud regions into a unified nation. The Scudo jersey, with its central crest or gonfalon, echoes the regional honour, inspiration and personality of individual riders; the National Team azurri blue and tricolore chest bands incorporate the images into one of a united, modern Italy.



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Il Giro

Il Giro Il Giro

Il Giro - A jersey that celebrates cycling’s second oldest Grand Tour, The Giro D’Italia. This new 2013 edition of one of our most popular designs echoes more closely than ever the the race leader's Maglia Rosa – which is in turn 'un omaggio' to the pink Gazetta dello Sport newspaper that first sponsored the ride in 1909. The contrasting red and green bands on either side of the central panel carry the names of every winner. With a varied route but always ending in Milan, the Giro snakes through Dolomite climbs that are more brutal than those of even the Tour de France. And any Italian winner is guaranteed immortality among the tifosi, the passionate followers of the race. Held just a few weeks before The Tour, in 100 years, only seven riders have managed to win both. Could Sir Bradley Wiggins be number eight? 

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Nazionale Nazionale

The blue jersey has become so associated with Italy's national teams, it has given them their nickname – the Azzurri. It was first adopted by the football team in 1911 and worn by all its Olympic athletes from 1932. Recent Italian cycling teams have raced in a paler blue but our shirt colour harks back to the golden age of Italian cycling. Its central band carries a ‘tricolore’, the red, white and green found on the national flag and the shirts worn by each of Italy’s national cycling champions.

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Flamme Rouge

Flamme Rouge Flamme Rouge


The iconic red triangle, which signals the final kilometre in a Tour de France stage, ignites the sprinters and their lead-out men, jostling for the best line to the finish.

A fitting motif for the back of our version of the Maillot Vert - the leading sprinter's green jersey.  Contested for 60 years, the jersey's central band records just 39 winners, with Erik Zabel's name representing a record five and Sean Kelly's representing four. Mark Cavendish earned his place in 2011; immortality at 25 years and by half a wheel. 



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Ventoux Jacket - 1912m

Ventoux Jacket - 1912m Ventoux Jacket - 1912m

Le Géant de Provence is often cited as the most difficult climb in Europe, despite being neither the highest nor the longest of the famous Tour cols.   The gradient from Bédoin to Chalet Reynard is a relentless 9-11% and, as the vegetation disappears 6 km from the summit, the Mistral, which can blow at over 160 kph, is your greatest enemy; if the wind isn't blowing, the summer sun will scorch a rider in an inescapable 48°C blaze; by autumn, a descent can be through swirling, icy gusts. The Ventoux Jacket is a perfect companion for a climb that will be etched in your memory for ever.


Waterproof fabric
Windresistant fabric
Foldable rear rain flap
Underarm zip for heat regulation
Storm cuff for wind protection
Rear pocket for storage
Reflective strip for high visibility
3 additional secure front pockets
Rear toggle for ergonomic fit
30°C wash with detergent. 
Do not use fabric conditioner

Colour:  blueblack

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Mountain Badges

Mountain Badges Mountain Badges

The Tour de France The King of the Mountains jersey is red and white polka dot and is worn by the best climber. This Mountain Badges jersey pays tribute to the great Alpine and Pyrenean Cols of the Tour and the Giro d'Italia. Each Col has a rich Tour history, of battles won and stages lost and provides the ultimate inspiration for the amateur cyclist.

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